more fire

 I've been back from Ireland for almost a week now and pondering what the Lord did this time. He challenged me on this trip! I have done this enough now that I am comfortable knowing that the Lord will always show up and bring His glory when we call on Him. But this time, as I preached a message on what Jesus called, "Greater Works", the Lord showed me that I have not been used as fully as I could be used! There is always more....accordling to our willingness. There is always more need for His kingdom than I seem able to bring. Yet I can ask for MORE! And more He gave. He enlarged my faith yet again and challenged me to ask for bigger things than before. As I asked, I felt  new freedom and power in the ministry. The work became even easier before as I trusted my God to do everything through me - the music, the words, the praying. Praise God for the continued hunger that I see in the Irish people. They are so willing to receive! So, I left Ireland having seen greater works than before....perhaps the greatest being what He did in me. Praise God for the help and facilitaion of all the churches: the Apostolic Church in Dublin, All Nations Church in Dublin, and Word of Victory in Killarney. Lord, when can I go back????  :)

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