expect the miraculous.

I just returned from another visit to the UK and am 'sat' with a cup of tea pondering all that the Lord did...in me!  These trips always build my faith. I am suddenly thrust out of my comfort zone and must sing and speak in strange places on very little sleep. There have been many challenges over the years.I’ve had my car broken into and my money, credit cards, phone, passport and identification stolen. I’ve lost my luggage may times. I’ve been threatened by volcanic ash and blizzards. I’ve had to minister and perform through sickness and fatigue. I have had to trust God to take care of my children’s needs while I am gone with no way to help. I have faced persecution, ridicule, and self doubt. Yet I always return from my travels with a greater understanding of God’s love for me!  In a way, the only way faith grows is by stepping out and walking in it. We can talk about  faith and say we believe, but as James explains, "Faith without works is dead." Actually, the greatest works I've ever seen God do occurred when I felt the most weak. The Lord uses vessels who know they are nothing without Him! 

So, now I am home  and the dust is settling in my heart, but I know the Lord's love and power a little better than I did before. I don't have to drive on the 'wrong' side of the road today. I can drink 'real' coffee instead of tea if I want. I won't face blizzards or lost luggage. I probably won't get lost. But I will go about my natural routine knowing that the kingdom of God is at hand everywhere I go. The One who heals the sick, cleanses lepers, and raises the dead dwells in me, and the I get to watch Him work! May I never grow comfortable except in Him. May I see everyone I meet today through His eyes of love. May I live always expecting the miraculous!