resting in the Lord

 Today I am sitting in an airport waiting for my next flight....two flights cancelled this week! So I have several hours to REST after having led a ladies retreat on the topic of RESTING in the Lord....I wonder if God is trying to tell me something? Forcing me to sit in places with nowhere to go and nothing to do - praise God for His rest. Actually the weekend was explosive and powerful. As we were learning about what 'resting in the Lord' really means, the Lord was hard at work on our hearts. Resting in Him is actually a position of tremendous power as we learn to stay under the umbrella of His presence at all times. When we learn to rest in Him, His glory comes and rests on us!! There is no place I would rather be. So, here I sit basking in His presence and RESTING. Thank you, Lord, for moving through me this weekend. Thank you, Lord, for refreshing me with your constant presence. Thank you for cancelled flights, for knowing just what we need. Thank you for rest.