He's always right...

 yes its coming, its coming. Not soon enough for me! There are always a million things at the end and lots of people to coordinate. For me, the hardest part is the decisions that have to be made....what should the artwork look like? Who should take the photographs? How should the songs be arranged? They may seem like small decisions, but I believe that what I do belongs to the Lord and is anointed for HIs purposes. So it is my responsibility to try to hear from Him as clearly as possible how He wants things done....even in the small details. Through it all, I am learning to hear from God more clearly and more quickly. Sometimes, once I have heard, I begin to doubt and second guess myself! Sometimes what the Lord says makes no sense! But at the end of the journey, I discover again and again the most profound truth.............HE IS A LOT SMARTER THAN ME AND HE IS ALWAYS RIGHT   :)

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