new cd update

 Spring has finally sprung and Michigan, and today I saw the first bloom of color in my garden! (just one or two flowers, but hey, that's enough to make me happy!) AND things are slowly creeping forward with the new CD, and there is an end in sight. Its kind of like watching grass grow. :)   This week, we are recording string parts on three songs which I can't wait to hear! Everything else is done and dusted. When strings are recorded and mixed, the record needs to me 'mastered' and the artwork finished. Don't ask me the title, because I still can't name the baby! I have two or three possible titles, but I think I will know when I see the photographs for the cover. I know I should know these things by now, but I tend to take a long time to make big decisions...wanting to be sure I REALLY heard from the Lord. Overspiritualizing?? Not for me. I believe its not me doing all these things, but Christ in me. Just music, just a CD? Yes, but if its God's, then He can use it to spread the SOUND OF HEAVEN. I can't wait....

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