Christmas in September

This summer while most of us were celebrating warm, sunny weather and enjoying time with family, I was humming Christmas carols! I started working on some new Christmas music last spring, and producer Billy Smiley helped flesh out my ideas and hire the folks that could bring them to life. To learn more about the making of "For Unto Us" check out the stories and the songs here: foruntous 

There were many little miracles along the way which I will share over time. The most personal miracle was the renewing of my calling as a singer. Over the years, my ministry has changed as the Lord has been using me more and more as a speaker and a writer. I have found myself wondering whether music was something that was to take more of a backseat in my life as I got older.  As I recorded the songs for the new album, however, I discovered that God has other plans for least for now!

The Lord has taught me that we all need to steward the gifts He gives us well and to offer everything we are for His service in worship. So, as I sang into the microphone one more time, I closed my eyes and believed by faith that nothing but pure love....God's spirit ...was coming out of my mouth. No fear. No doubt. Just worship. I pictured Jesus in front of me and sang for Him, by Him, in Him. 

The result? As I now hear the final mixes coming through, I am hearing a new voice - confident, free, joyful, radiant - my very best singing when the world says I should be past my prime. Is it any accident that God waits until the world says it isn't possible before He does things? His works must always be done in His strength, not ours. 

My hope is that these simple Christmas songs will do much more than entertain. I believe the listener will be able to encounter Jesus in the music if he or she listens carefully! Yes, it's just music, but when we offer the simplest of our gifts to the Lord, He can use them to change the world. 

Whatever YOU do, my friend, do it unto the Lord and watch what He will do through you!