new CD review!

What a thankful day it is!

pre-release downloads coming soon!

To all my brave Kickstarter supporters: thank you SO much for your generous support of my recording adventures this year. God is doing amazing things, and I will be sharing all the details very soon. The Christmas CD is here…Read more

watching the Master work...

June was one of the most exciting, hold-onto-your-hat kind of months I have ever lived through! There was ministry and travel and a the filming of a music video with Phil Keaggy in Nashville. Now I am back home…Read more

We Are The Salt Of The Earth

I had the privilege of being able to preach a lot this week publicly, and one of the places I spoke was particularly unique. It was a church service at a campground on the shore of a lake. The sun…Read more

the sound of heaven is coming!

God has blessed me with an opportunity to record with Phil Keaggy, Billy Smiley, and lots of other amazing musicians, but I need your help! Please share with anyone who might be interested. (watch the can see me actually…Read more

new interview!

I was very honored to be interviewed by this week- check it out! 
There is so much going on right now, my head is spinning. I am ministering in Ireland this week and would appreciate your prayers! I've also…Read more

Walking On Water

I am coming into a very busy season of my life with so much on the horizon that, if I think about the future too much, I start to panic! Several doors in my life  have suddenly opened,  and I…Read more

pray without ceasing...

Did you know that every day, from the moment our eyes open in the morning until they close again at night, we are engaged in spiritual warfare? Every day, we will face challenges and temptations that are probably beyond our…Read more

Best Day Ever

Why is it I always get to fly into storms instead of away from them?  So many times, it seems like the very places God is sending me are the most difficult places to get to...both spiritually and physically! And…Read more

be strong and of good courage

 I was outside shoveling snow the other day, and in the silence of winter, a strange sound caught my attention. It was a  single song bird bravely announcing its presence. That song was a welcome reminder that spring is indeed…

Read more

beauty in Manchester...

Well, I just realized I have been a terrible blogger! Please forgive my lack of communication. It has been a gloriously busy and fruitful season in my life, and I am enjoying every moment. :) :)    I just returned  from…Read more

Bach, Bethlehem, and Family

 This month is full of travel which is not unusual for me. But four trips to the east coast in four weeks? Thats a little much. And then back to Ireland. I love it! Two of these trips are purely…Read more