From the recording SACRED

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Based on the hymn “Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Mighty Gates” by Georg
Weissel (1642), trans. by Catherine WInkworth. Music and refrain by Jean Watson © 2018 Rootbeer Bunny Music (BMI) ‘Bohergar Reel’ by Denis Carey, © IMRO, used by permission.


Lift up your heads, ye mighty gates behold, the king of glory waits the king of kings is drawing near the savior of the world is here

Prepare the way of the Lord every heart an open door he is the way, the truth, the life into the darkness he will shine into the darkness he will shine

Redeemer, come, with us abide our hearts to thee we open wide let us thy inner presence feel thy grace and love in us reveal


Thy Holy Spirit lead us on until our glorious goal is won eternal praise, eternal fame be offered, savior, to thy name

Chorus (2x)