Jean's Journal

perfect vision 

Dear Ones, 

Well, 2020 has certainly been an interesting year so far! How are you doing during this time of upheaval in the world? Between the Covid19 pandemic, political unrest, and now outrage over the untimely death of Georg Floyd, it certainly seems like the fabric of our society is being torn apart at the seams!  Without the Lord, we would certainly have reason to live in turmoil and fear right now. But the truth is, none of this is taking God by surprise. 

Remember back in January when we were all…

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to listen and be heard 

I just returned from a short trip to Tallahassee, Florida where I had a chance to speak and sing for some inmates in a Florida prison. Those who know me know that I have a soft heart for those who are living behind bars, not because I excuse whatever crimes they have committed but because they are human beings just like me. All of us have sinned, and we serve a merciful God who can forgive sin and give us a new life…regardless of what side of the bars we live on.

I’m never afraid of prisoners, and I love…

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Well, the most wonderful - I mean the most frantic - time of the year is upon us...December! 

When I was a child, I LOVED December. There were Christmas parties, decorations, lights, music, the smell of evergreens and Christmas cookies baking, and the almost unbearable anticipation of waiting for Christmas morning.  In all these exciting childhood memories, however, the ones that stand out most are of the simple Christmas pageant at church and the beautiful candlelit Christmas Eve service. Even as a very…

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Christmas in September 

This summer while most of us were celebrating warm, sunny weather and enjoying time with family, I was humming Christmas carols! I started working on some new Christmas music last spring, and producer Billy Smiley helped flesh out my ideas and hire the folks that could bring them to life. To learn more about the making of "For Unto Us" check out the stories and the songs here: foruntous 

There were many little miracles along the way which I will share over time. The most personal miracle was the renewing…

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come join us on Mackinac Island! 

You know you have always wanted to go...well now is the time! Mark and I will be on the island ministering at Mackinac Island Bible Church with dear friends Pastor Ken and Lori Straight THIS WEEKEND. These folks are the real deal, and they are doing a phenomenal job of sharing the love of Christ with the tourists and workers on this beautiful island. Come join us for church at the Mission Point Resort on Sunday at 9:30 AM (Jean will be leading worship and speaking). You are also welcome to a more intimate…

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what faith looks like 

I don’t know about you, but my concept of faith has been challenged lately. In the past couple of months, I have known people dealing with heart-crushing situations - death, suicide, cancer, natural disasters - you name it! Just this weekend, I met a lady who lost her husband and three children in a boating accident. I know another who lost his wife in a car crash, and two others who committed suicide. I have a friend who was sold as a child by her own father to sex traffickers, and last week, a dear friend…

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seize the day!  

I am not a 'morning person'. 

Never have been. My creative juices don't even think about getting started until after noon. But lately, the Lord has been teaching me that how I begin my day often determines how fruitful the Lord is in me in the hours that follow. 

Like it or not, let's just remember that we are in a spiritual battle! Every day, we have been given time to either exalt God or forget Him, to see His kingdom come and share His love or to be swept along in a current of lethargy, laziness, and…

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beyond the wrapping paper 

December has been an abundantly fruitful month for me. I sang and spoke in prisons, churches, a baseball stadium, a coffeehouse, a country club, and on Mackinac Island!  Most folks love Christmas music and ask me to bring familiar carols and some holiday cheer. My favorite part is not the music, however. I love inviting people to think about the mystery of Christmas! People who would not normally think about spiritual things may take a moment to wonder if the familiar narrative about angels, a manger, a…

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prayers and jars 

I woke up this morning to cold floors and chilly air….NOOOO!! Summer can’t be ending already! I was just getting ready to enjoy it! Oh well, one thing in life is sure - change happens. We can resist it, but it’s inevitable. In my life, a lot more than the weather has changed and is changing! My husband has retired from the military and is now living here in Michigan full-time! Yay!! I don't have to mow the grass anymore!!!  

Autumn is coming...

but the chickens don't care.

There has also been change…

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Be still and know. 

I’ve just returned from a busy travel season. Not only did I travel around the globe doing ministry, but I also flew to Texas to be with my husband as he retired from military service! We cleaned and packed up his old life in one part of the country and drove 22 hours straight with two dogs in a car to our new life as a family in Michigan. (the dogs did great, by the way, and required far fewer potty breaks than we did!) 

After such a strenuous time emotionally and physically and so much time away, I’m now…

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