From the recording The Place You Have For Me

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Glory In The Fire

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This may be the one song people will love to hate! I am surprised that Don even let me record it!! BUT, I can't help it. The Lord gave me these words one day, and they changed my life: "everything I need is in the fire, so turn up the heat, I want to go higher." He showed me that His love was deeper and stronger than any trial I may face in life. I can trust His love to USE my struggles to make me more like Him, and reveal His glory. I love the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego DANCING in the fire with the Lord. There is joy when we find His presence. I want to be like Paul who, from a Roman prison, could say, "REJOICE! AGAIN I SAY REJOICE!"

Jean Watson/Don Koch
c. 2013 Carson City Music (BMI)/Rootbeer Bunny Music (BMI)



You never called me to the easy way
like wading in the cool cool water
beyond my comfort greater things await
if I will trust you and go where you lead me

come ignite in my heart all you made me to be
and let the sparks of joy start flying
let the smoke of love start rising

everything I need is in the fire
so turn up the heat Lord I want to go higher
I can trust the flame to burn away everything but your glory, your glory
all I need is you, cuz you're in the fire
melting me away til you're my one desire
I can trust the flames to burn away everything
I'm standing on your Word that your glory's in the fire

Now stir the embers, let the Spirit rise
and burn away my own desires
consume me with this love that never dies
everything You are shining right through me

there is no darkness that quenches the light in my heart
so let the sparks of joy start flying
let the smoke of love start rising


I wanna dance with you in the furnace
cause there is no fear anymore
I rejoice in your presence
cuz I know I will come forth as gold