1. Fragile

From the recording The Place You Have For Me

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This song has been in my heart for a long time. Its a deeply personal view into my heart! You can hear me arguing with God about how sensitive He has made me, and then realizing that He has made me that way for a purpose. He uses broken and cracked vessels to reveal His glory! I want to be like fine porcelain that, though fired at a high heat, is transparent when held to the light and rings at the touch of the Master's hand!

Jean Watson/Don Koch c. 2013 Carson City Music (BMI)/Rootbeer Bunny Music (BMI)



Iradescent, luminescent silken wings and bright
Brilliant colors glinting in the dappled summer light
Dancing, dipping butterfly, a beauty unaware
Of what is shining through oh what a glorious view

Wax paper sugarmaple leaf sprung from its tree
Solitary, beaten to and fro by autumn breeze
flying, tilting, spiraling to where it never knows
oh how the wind can blow, oh how this life can go


My heart so quickly broken like the butterflies and leaves
I wish that I could stand against the winds that buffett me
I know you made we weak so I’d fly into Your hands
the only place where it is safe to be fragile

to please a king a servant brings whatever is required
a mystery that I would be the one thing He desires
and Lord if it would please you let this child be swept away
revealing only you, your glory shining through


Lord now I lay it down
you know the vessel I'm to be
and now I've finally found my place
is to be resting in your grace