From the recording The Place You Have For Me

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Let The Sleeping Rise

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As a songwriter, often I feel a song brewing inside me, but it takes awhile for it to come out. For years, I tried to write a 'garden song' but only had bits and pieces of ideas. Then one day I saw some words that my friend Beth Sciallo posted on Facebook, of all places. She wrote, "I could hold onto my heart, or let it break apart and be made new." There is was. That was what I wanted to say....that God's garden is all about allowing ourselves to die to ourselves to find our truest identity in God. Beth's Facebook post became the bridge of the song! Thanks, Beth!

Jean Watson/Don Koch/Beth Sciallo
c. 2013 Carson City Music (BMI)/Rootbeer Bunny Music (BMI)



deep my heart has slept beneath a silent quilt of time, it breathes
longing to feel, longing to love longing for faith to spring up
i believe that there is mercy in your love
i believe you can speak life into the dust

come into my garden, Lord, breathe on me, breathe on me
making me who you know I should be, I should be
buried hopes and broken dreams
are the very things you use to bring forth life
come into my garden Lord
and let the sleeping rise

pulsing from beneath the ground a seed of Grace now finds its way
bursting with hope, bursting with joy, bursting a new beginning
what seemed cold and dead has broken into song
it's the music of the weak becoming strong

(Repeat Chorus)

If I let go of my heart
let it break apart and be made new
plant my soul beneath the earth
let me watch the seed become your glorious fruit