1. Speeding Train

From the recording Steady My Gaze

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c. 2015 Rootbeer Bunny Music (BMI)

featuring Phil Keaggy on guitar



v. 1
I won’t be afraid anymore
surely you know the reason I was born
and though I cannot see the end
I hear you calling me to take your hand

this is my moment this is my time
to lay it all down now and find your life

Im jumping onto a speeding train
racing to your heart with nothing in the way
I’m chasing after you alone
i know I'll never get there on my own
cause you’re miles ahead of me
you are the dream beyond what I can see

v. 2
so many empty years
chasing idols, running from my fears
now a new journey has begun
I’m leaving it all to hear to you say well done


your heart’s become my destination
your will alone my sole ambition
all I was made for, meant to be
already lives inside of me