watching the Master work...

June was one of the most exciting, hold-onto-your-hat kind of months I have ever lived through! There was ministry and travel and a the filming of a music video with Phil Keaggy in Nashville. Now I am back home in Michigan and taking a moment to breathe and give thanks.

My life feels like it is moving very fast now after years of prayer. I have never felt myself so propelled forward by the power of the Holy Spirit as I do right now! I remember Jesus saying He could only what He saw HIs Father doing, and that is how I feel - like I am just watching God working! The wedding was beautiful, sacred, and joyful. It was a moment of high worship which is exactly what I wanted it to be. God was so good to confirm His will to our families with the fruit of the Spirit - love, joy, peace, etc..

After the wedding, my husband Mark and I journeyed south to Nashville where we made a Christmas music video with Phil Keaggy. I can't reveal too many details about that right now, but I will tell you that it was another moment of high worship for me where I was keenly aware of God's presence and power. We just sat back and watched while He created!! Can't wait to share this!! After the video, we continued south to Alabama and Florida where we spent time with Mark's family and did ministry at Bethlehem Family Camp in Bonifay, Florida. There we encountered God's presence again and praised Him for what He was doing in our midst.

Perhaps that is what worship really is...just praising God for who He is and what He is doing. Now I sit at my computer and reflect and revel in the goodness of God. I long to stay in this place of watching God at work and worshiping! How much worry and anxiety I would spare myself if I just kept my eyes on what He is doing rather than on what I can't do! Thank God that He is able and willing and loving. Can't wait to sit back and watch Him work again today!


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